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    Pol-Air™ Portable Humidifier

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    Improve your quality of life at the press of a button with our signature Pol-Air™ Portable Humidifiers.

    Our Pol-Air™ humidifier is a compact air humidifier that is extremely effective in treating symptoms of dry air such as sore throats and dry coughs, improves your sleep, reduces snoring and so much more!

    Innovation and technology together provide consumers with an easy to use, energy efficient, non-medicated and miniature humidifier that works at the press of a button.


    Easy Setup - Set-up is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply fill the device with water, plug it in then press the ON button. That’s it and you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of the Pol-Air Humidifier.
    Two Mist Modes - The Pol-Air has 2 different modes of operation depending on your needs: continuous mode and intermittent mode.
    Auto Shut-Off - Taking care of a humidifier isn't a big chore with Our Pol-Air. You'll hardly know it's there as it quietly uses durable medical-grade materials to humidify your space. When it senses no more water in the tank, this unit will shut off automatically for energy savings.
    Night Light Mode - Use the Night Light mode by pressing and holding, use it when you want to sleep at night, or as a desk light to do homework. It's just perfect.

    Product Specification

    Weight: 236 g/ 0.52 lbs/ 8.3 oz

    Size: 95mm x 95mm x 129mm/ 3.8in x 3.8in x 5.1in

    Color: White, Grey, Pink and Blue. 

    Capacity: 500ml

    Working Time: 12 - 18 hours

    Package Details:

    - 1x Humidifier

    - 1x USB Cable

    -1x Filter

    -1x Instruction Manual



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